First race, Valencia


We are  happy for our first performance in EuroNascar, our results in EuroNascar2 are: 2 excellent positions by Vladimiros Tziortzis who collected a second place in the first day and a third place in the second day.
Thomas Krasonis placed seventh on the first day and on the second day after a tough fight with other pilots he had a bit of bad luck, he went into the sand, fortunately without consequences, Thomas Krasonis has shown that he can do well for the next races .
EuroNascar PRO, the Villeneuve-Ferrando duo always qualified in the top 10 on both days; Jacques Villeneuve placed seventh on the first day and a ninth on the second day, while his racing stable teammate, Ferrando Thomas, he finished fourth and seventh in the respective first and second days.

Club Challenge, Federico Monti finished fourth in the Club Challenge,
which took place on friday 14 .

Here are some words by Federico Monti after the race: “A bitter fourth place, I was unable to adapt to the new regulation, I’ll make up for it. Congratulations to all the drivers of the Club Challenge”.



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