Third Race, Most

Team Owner of Academy MotorSport would like to thank everyone for the race weekend in the circiuit of Most.

Here are some words from our Team Owner about the Most race weekend:

“In the Challnege Club I could have done much better and I’m a bit disappointed. For the En PRO i’m very happy but the acquaplaning pulled me off the track, but I’m learning a lot from the pilots ahead of me and I’m happy for what I’m doing.

I am sorry for Thomas Krasonis who was unable to race on Saturday for my accident.

Vladimiros Tziortzis had some problems on Saturday but on Sunday he did a miracle by reaching the podium with his third place.

Jacques Villeneuve had some problems in the race but he reached a 4 place that took us a step higher than Valencia.

In the next race we will do everything to reach that podium because I think we deserve it”Greetings and thanks to all the people who supported us, to the pilots , to Race Art Technology, and to the staff from Academy MotorSport



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